December 31, 2011

  • My Dear Friends,

    I have greatly missed you!

    How do I explain my absence? No, I have not moved to facebook although I visit there occasionally. I’m calling it “absent for a season.”

    I had several projects started and was not getting them completed. I found I was neglecting nearby friends who needed encouragement. Some of the young girls that I taught in my Sunday School class have been in mission work and I’ve neglected staying in their lives. I guess it boils down that I don’t multi task well. I think I did when our children were growing up. Is that a sign of getting older?!

    I look forward to coming back.  My head and heart are full of stories to share and pictures to show.


    Nevin has been so very precious in my life ~ encouraging me and helping me. My winter project is finishing ABC albums for our grandchildren. This is taking each letter of the alphabet and adding several pictures to make it meaningful for them, individually. It’s not A for apple but a picture of them helping to make applesauce in our basement, for example. It is also journaling my thoughts. It is time consuming but a joy once I get started. I have two finished and six to go!! My goal is to finish four of them this winter.


    I would like to leave a New Year’s Blessing for you.

    “I am thinking of you today because it is New Year’s Day, and I wish you happiness. And tomorrow, because it will be the day after New Years, I shall still wish you happiness. I may not be able to tell you about it every day, because I may be far away or we may be very busy. But that makes no difference – my thoughts and wishes will be with you just the same. Whatever joy comes to you will make me glad. Clear through the year….I wish you God’s blessings.”

    May His Presence always light your way.

    Love, Cordy



    Before I leave for today, I want to share one of my “joys” this past year. You will remember Jo – she comes in our area once a year to spend the day with Nancy and me. Well, she had her 60th birthday this year. We wanted to bless her on this very special day. I called her daughter and asked her to tell Jo that someone was stopping in to take her for lunch. We drove almost two hours to do this so I thought we were pretty safe that she wouldn’t guess it would be Nancy and me. And I was correct :) ) This is Jo below just as we arrived……………





    She WAS surprised! This was so much fun!





    She is a young-looking 60!





    When our children were all still at home, we three couples would go to the mountains over Labor Day weekend. We have lots of memories that we cherish. As I mentioned we get to see each other once a year….and sometimes it’s longer then that for our husbands to get together. This is Jo’s husband, Duane. He was in the area and stopped in to see how Jo was handling her surprise! :)





    It seemed like the time just flew. It was soon time to say goodbye for about another year. Thank you Lord for sisters in the Lord.




    ~AND I thank the Lord for each of you. I have enjoyed your friendship so very much.


March 3, 2011


    Isn’t the combination of faith, fellowship, and food so special?! That happened today!

    There was a Women’s Meeting held at a Mennonite Church and Kathy, Sandy and I decided to have a Cousin’s Day and attend this scheduled event.




     This is our speaker – Doris High…….




    ….quick to smile and known for her easy laughter!





    As we entered the church, this sight greeted us. The ladies who organized the pastry table did a super  job. It was sooo inviting and very tasty!





    As I was talking to Doris before the morning session started, this lady came up to her, introduced herself, and told Doris she follows her xanga postings but had never met her before. I think they felt like friends instantly!





    In the back of the church were approximately 140-150 perpetual calendars made by Doris and her husband, Cerwin. There are 31 cards – one for each day of the month. This is the title card.





    I took this picture at home to show you in case you would care to make one. She said Cerwin made them from pine. The cards fit on here perfectly.  Doris wrote each day’s thought which goes  along with her topic today.  She told us she likes to keep things like this “in her face” to encourage her on her spiritual walk.  Doris and I go to the same church (Church of the Brethren.) She spoke at our church about a month ago and had 150 plus of these for our ladies! What a blessing of their time and love! This was a very, very special gift.






    10am and it is time to start this meaningful day. Joanne has asked Doris to come forward to the mic and is praying for her and for our day. What a precious gift prayer is!




    I don’t have the best camera for distant pictures – especially inside with white walls in the background so I hope you can bear with me. Doris’ subject is:

    “Complaining Is Not A Fruit Of The Spirit”

    Some of my notes…..

    Do I complain because I’m thinking about me?

    We exist to make a big deal out of Jesus!

    Lord, do not let me get caught in a complaining rut.

     Doris went over some verses in I Corinthians 10 where the complaining of the Children of Israel was listed right along with some sins we call awful. Read verses 1 – 11. It is very convicting.

    On my tablet I wrote –  ”Goal: Be aware – am I building up or tearing down?”





    11:30 – those wonderful words – LUNCH!


    Finally – I’m showing you my two special cousins! Sandy is on the left; Kathy on the right. This is sooo wonderful for the three of us to be together today. Sandy lives two hours away. Kathy lives closer but we don’t get to see each other often – not near often enough.

    No, we weren’t like little children who want to start their meal with dessert. We had delicious lasagna, chicken lasagna, rolls, and salad.

    (Sandy works as a substitute Teacher’s Assistant at a public High School. She’s a tiny pint next to most of the high school guys but that doesn’t stop them from giving her a big hug when she enters the classroom!  She loves the opportunity of touching their hearts with the love of Jesus!)





    It was a joy for me to attend today for several reasons. I have friends who are members at this church that I don’t get to see often. This is Evelyn; I value her friendship. 





    Afternoon subject:

    ” Blessing Your Loved Ones by Your Attitude.”





    I’m only using this picture to make you curious!   

    Doris got our attention very quickly with this reading you see above. Please go to Doris’ address below as she is going to have this posted Friday evening. Remember – we are learning today to NOT complain. If you are a woman/mother, you will love it!

    (If you don’t see it, keep checking back – I’m not sure what time Friday evening she will post.)  


    Two of my notes from this afternoon:

     ”If Jesus took my place today, what would be different in my home?

    Do my children know it’s a delight to be a Christian, to follow Jesus?”






    It’s been a JOY to be here today – convicting and encouraging.

    The three of us emailed each other this evening – reminiscing about the day and how special it was to each of us. Kathy summed it up for me with her words –

    “Today was an oasis in the midst of a busy couple of weeks.”

    Kathy and Sandy are very much involved in others’ lives. We all know that is rewarding but can also be draining. Kathy does maternal/infant visits as a home care nurse and teaches CPR classes for the hospital.  She touches many lives one-on-one as she administers her nursing wisdom. She radiates Jesus’ love! If you need a nurse, I’ll give you her phone number!   Sandy is also a very faithful minister’s wife along with her other responsibilities at school.

    Yes, Kathy, it WAS an oasis today!


    I praise the Lord for the time Doris put into her lesson and for ladies who see the importance to set aside a day for spiritual encouragement. Thank You to all of you! 






    I had a very special surprise after our morning session. This  lady asked me if I was Cordy. We have never met before but occasionally drop a note on each other’s blog! 

     Thank you Loaine !(xanga name)




February 22, 2011


    Our “Annual Visit”

    A  couple years ago I explained how our church family participates in our communion and feet washing. Some of you expressed appreciation for sharing this. I thought I would show you something else we do that I really appreciate.

    It is simply called “The Annual Visit.”



    We have 15 deacons who are responsible to visit all the homes in our congregation once a year. Each deacon asks another man in our congregation to go with them and participate in the visit.  On the right is Kevin, one of our younger deacons. He brings vibrant life to our church family. This year he asked one of our single young men, Wes, to go with him.

    This was a meaningful evening as Kevin does very well at steering the conversation toward our spiritual walk.




    The goal is to have meaningful fellowship and hopefully have spiritual conversation. They may have two other homes to visit the same evening so they usually stay about 45 mins. to an hour – it varies.  This  part of the visit you see above they may do shortly after arriving or toward the end of their visit.  Each deacon has developed his way of doing it.

    Each year they ask these three questions to us:

    1.  Are you still in the faith of the Gospel as you declared in your baptism?

    2.  Are you, as far as you know, in peace and union with the church?

    3.  Will you still labor with the Brethren, for an increase of holiness both in yourself and others?

    These are wonderful questions to help us keep a close and open communion with our Lord and with fellow brothers and sisters in the church family. If there are problems, this is a good time to share it with the deacon. We are also given an opportunity to bring something that we think would be an improvement for our church service, the building itself, etc. A couple months later we will have a council meeting and if any questions have been given to the deacons, we discuss this as a church family.

    At this annual visit, one of the men will read scripture, ask the above questions, and the other man will pray. Tonight Wes read scripture in Psalms and also referred to several other scriptures and commented on them.   I was so impressed as he is only 23. He then asked us the above questions and then Kevin prayed. I hope you can feel, through my words, what a precious time this is as tonight Kevin brought us to our Heavenly Father. The deacon may choose to pray about any hard things we may have walked through, or praise the Lord in prayer for any joys we may have experienced recently. They lift us in prayer to our Heavenly Father.

    If the deacons have widows or single ladies on their list, they often take their wives along for the visit as it makes it special for those ladies.

    We have been doing this annual visit before I was born. It is a tradition but one I think that is very valuable.



    Speaking of turning the conversation toward spiritual things………



    Two weeks ago on a Sunday morning before leaving for Sunday School Anna called and asked if we would come and help her eat leftovers!! Aren’t last minute invitations so special!! She cooks with more spices then I do so it was a real treat to be served at her table. That is chili in the large bowl and behind that, Spanish rice. We were talking about life in general and then she said so sweetly, “Let’s turn the talk to Jesus!” I never heard anyone say it quite like that. It was so meaningful!



    She is taking harp lessons and played two songs for us before leaving. This was a fun Sunday afternoon. 


    One more Sunday experience yet…….

    Luke 10:27 “Love the Lord thy God with all they heart, and with all thy soul, and with all they strength, and with all thy mind.”

    Our son-in-law is also a deacon and he and Barb invited Hiram and Lori to visit our members at one of our Retirement Villages (Jere had widows on his list so the wives went along.)  So Nevin and I brought our three grandsons along home after church to have lunch with us and play games in the afternoon until their parents had completed the visits.

    As we drove home, I asked our newly-turned six year old what his Sunday School lesson was about that morning. He misunderstood me and started telling me his Bible memory verse instead. In that class they have two weeks to learn it……this was the first week.

    (I should have this on video instead of trying to tell it………..)

    Darin talking – “Thou shall love the Lord they God (pause…) with all thy heart, and with (pause again….) all thy soul, and with all thy (thinking….) brain, and with all they strength.” Just adorable!  He was very serious as he was trying to recall that verse.



    This is later in the day when he WASN’T serious!

    ~Have a good evening



February 14, 2011


    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    My Sunday School lesson was about Jacob.

    Title: Jacob’s History: Making Right Choices




    I printed seventeen sentences, cut them, and then the girls needed to put Jacob’s life in proper order as you see above. The lesson was from Jacob’s birth to when he met his brother Esau on his way back to Canaan.





    We did it together, taking one sentence at a time. I think Abby found #12. I love my class of 16 girls. They are at a precious age (6th and 7th grade)….attentive and wanting to grow spiritually. It was a fun, relaxing activity.





    If you remember Jacob’s life, he made some very unwise choices. After our Bible lesson, I enjoy applying the lesson to today. The following story I share with you I taught several years ago. That year I told the story first – then we had our chocolate chips cookies. This time I wondered if it would have more of an impact if I tell the story WHILE they are eating their chocolate chip cookies….you’ll soon see why. 




    In case you have your eye on Lauren, I told them to help themselves to seconds!  

    As I study, I pray for my Heavenly Father to guide me. We first talked about some of the choices Jacob made that we remembered. Then to help them apply it to today, I felt to zero in at this point on just one area in our lives – entertainment.

    They were very attentive as I told this story:

     ”A father of three teens set a rule that their family could watch only certain videos and DVDs.

    This created a problem when a popular movie came out in local theatres. All three teens were wanting to see this film even though it was R rated.

    So the teens interviewed friends and even members of their church getting a list of pros and cons about the movie. They hoped the list would convince their Dad they should be allowed to attend. On their list the cons were that it

    ~only used a few swear words that misused God’s name

    ~only one act of violence was in the movie

    ~and only one sex scene…and only implied – nothing seen.

    The teens did not want to feel left out when their friends discussed this movie. It was advertised well and made them more anxious to see it.  Some of their Christian friends at church had already seen it and said it wasn’t  ’that bad.’

    Since they had gathered more points for it then against it, the teens asked their Dad to reconsider his rule – just this once! The father looked at the list and asked if he could have a day to think about it before making this decision. The teens were thrilled! This looked promising!

    The next evening the father called his three children into the living room. They were puzzled to see a plate of chocolate chip cookies on the coffee table. The father said he had decided that if they would eat a cookie, then he would let them go to the movie.

    But just like the movie, the cookie had pros and cons!

    The pros were…..

    ~They had been made with fresh walnuts.

    ~They were made with the finest chocolate.

    ~The recipe he used won first place in a baking contest.

    ~Best of all, they had been made with care by the hand of the teens own father!

    The cookies had only had one point against them!

    ~They had just a LITTLE bit of dog poop in them!!!!!

    BUT the dough had been mixed very well!  The teens would probably not even be able to taste it. AND – their father had baked the cookies at 350 degrees so any bacteria or germs had probably been destroyed!”

    At this point, (most of them have finished their cookies by now) I very seriously said, “What would you say if my cookies have just a little dog poop in them??

    You met Abby in one of the above pictures – her face was soo funny as she said, “I’m afraid to ask!” I immediately smiled and assured the girls that I had NOT done that!

    Then I finished the story – “Dad continued – Therefore if any of his children could stand to eat a cookie that included just a little bit of poop, then they also would be permitted to see the movie with just a little bit of smut!

    The teens turned down the cookies – not one of them could eat them!! And – best of all, they understood!”


                          My prayer is this story would have an impact on these dear girls. We agreed  our choices are very, very important.

    ~Living our Christian life takes careful thought!

    I hope you also were blessed by the story. I heard Ranae Dobson tell this over her Dad’s radio program.

    ~Have a good week!


February 6, 2011


    We’re having a

    “February 5, 1967 first asked me out date” date today!



    I turned my calendar page to the 5th this morning and was so blessed to see my daughter remembered this special day!! She gave out calendar dates to others and kept several for herself to do for us. It was so meaningful to me to have this memory included.  


    Yes, Barb, I DO love hanging out with your Daddy………………………….


    Nevin and I learned to know each other in high school. We were in the same homeroom throughout those years. We had fun together at those times – almost a brother and sister relationship.

    When he knocked at our farmhouse porch door on February 5th, I was shocked!! I had NO idea that he considered a dating relationship. He asked me to go to church with him that evening. I remember it like it was yesterday….I was quiet and shy! All of a sudden he didn’t feel like a brother anymore!!

    I love remembering this special day; thank you Barb for keeping this memory recorded in the perpetual calendar!





    Thank You Nevin for living out this scripture to me! Because of you, heaven is part of my every day.  I love you.

    Thank You, Donna, (our daughter-in-law) for doing a most fitting and lovely page for February 14!



January 28, 2011


    Perpetual Calendar continued…..

    On my first perpetual calendar entry my intentions were to show the variety of thoughts that can be used. Rereading my second entry I see I went down memory lane for each page shown. I guess saying goodbye the day before to our family put me into the “Precious Memories tone!”

    It amazes and blesses me to see all the different thoughts people had:



    Marian is an older friend in my prayer group…..





    We work alongside this fun family in our deacon responsibilities….





    We had a glorious variety of thoughts throughout these pages to enjoy and treasure each day.

    As you’ve seen in my earlier postings also,  included are Bible verses, songs, humor, poems, thought-provoking writings, memories…..

    ….this is from Donna our daughter-in-law. She also had the date for our stillborn daughter, Christy  Joy, and had a very meaningful reading for that extra special day.





    my neighbor – my thanks go right back to her also!





    This makes me smile just reading it. Remember this Susie Zoo sticker as I will mention it later. (from my sister)






    From a cousin….deeply meaningful reading to me.




    And – a Recipe!

    This comes from my first Creative Memories Consultant….a lady who introduced me to the joys of scrapbooking! She is now elderly and has chosen to close that chapter of her life. She tucked a note in with her returned card to Barb and Barb passed it on to me. We loved her apple pie….several asking for her recipe. Because she is a dump and pour cook, she put off writing it down until now! She had to purposely sit down and try to think how to explain how she prepares it!!  How I appreciate her time and kindness!





    ~sample of a holiday (from our daughter)





    It was special to me to see several dates included especially for my dear husband.

    It was very hard for me to know when to stop showing you the pages. I tried to choose the different variety I mentioned and different people in our lives, like neighbors, relatives, friendships from long ago, people we don’t see often, my prayer group, etc.It would be my privilege to show them all to you :)


    I DO want to tell you what I read this morning when I turned my page to January 28th.

    There is a hand coming from the top right – representing God’s hand. On it in red is the word, “Burden. To the left is a Susie Zoo character running toward that hand.

    Then my sister wrote, “Praise be to the Lord, to God my Savior, who DAILY bears my burdens!”

    Psalms 68:19

     For me it is a beautiful word picture that is full of meaning and hope!





    I had to show you the kindness of my best friend! I was taking the pictures of these pages and they had a mean glare on each one because of the shine of laminating. (If you do this calendar, this step is SO important. It protects the pages very, very well!)

    Nevin came to my rescue :) Can you tell he’s particular??! (It is not raining-nor do we get rain under our porch roof!)


    I hope you were blessed to see the various ways to express love.

    ~Wishing you a lovely weekend, Cordy

January 20, 2011

  • Memories and tears were a large part of my morning!

    We said goodbye to our Colorado family yesterday after enjoying them for 16 days!


    As I said last time, I would continue showing you a few more of our perpetual calendar pages. I decided my first one will be a comforting one!!



    We don’t see this couple often enough – they live a distance away. Nevin and Darvin met each other about 43 years ago when we were all single. Later Dorothy and I became friends and today we cherish their friendship. They are dependable prayer warriors. He is a pastor at God’s Missionary Church and therefore are very busy people. It was a joy to have their picture included on their page!





    Another dear friend who lives about an hour away. Her life is a beautiful testimony of God’s grace. She is an inspiration. You see how each page brings wonderful blessings as I not only read what they have sent for us but their lives “come alive” right from the page!





    Barb did several pages for us – and helped her boys with their pages! She gave them the card that has their birthday.  This one she is complimenting her Daddy!






    Don’t you just love this recipe for friendship! They are serving the Lord in Grenada.






    Oh my, where do I start to describe my respect for Billie! I wish you could hear her testimony! She was a troubled youth searching for God. She tried everything – everything. After hearing her testimony, I was so encouraged never to stop praying for someone’s salvation – no matter how far away they are from God. She was not raised in a Christian home and therefore the search was basically alone. How I praise God for His guidance!

    I went to my first Creative Memories Fall Workshop by myself. That is not me. But I really wanted to do this, had Nevin’s blessing, and off I went – 50 minutes away. I knew my consultant, Susie,  had assigned seats. I prayed that she would put me somewhere I would be comfortable! The lady to my left was very warm and made me feel at home. Billie was to my right and for awhile was quiet. I tend to be that way also. Later we got a conversation going – and that started a sister-in-Christ love for each other until this day.





    This happens to be the young father who took my grandchildren to Colorado!!!

    I went to our nearby bulk food store today, hoping I wouldn’t see anyone I knew. :) I didn’t feel like crying in front of anyone. I saw a lady from church; she gave me a hug. Thank you Janet. I saw another lady who I bump into only at our grandchildrens’ school functions. I was surprised to see her here. She reminded me that my tears could have been from sad memories. That made me think! I left there thanking the Lord for precious tears. 

    Thank You Lord for our children. The 14 of us spent various times together throughout these 16 days…..celebrating Christmas, having an indoor camping event. We had planned to roast hot dogs outside; Nevin had the wood to do that but the adults chickened out with 20-some degree weather and very strong wind! Therefore we used our coal stove for the occasion!! :) Smores worked well that way also!


    I think I will stop here for today. I have just a few more to show you a bit later.

    Blessings on the remainder of your week. ~Cordy


January 2, 2011

  •   Wishing you God’s Blessings of Joy and Peace in this New Year!


    I’m sure I hear an echo when I say,

    “How did we get to 2011 soooo quickly?!”

    It just FLEW for us!


    As I did last year, I would like to review some special occasions that happened in 2010.

    By reminiscing I realized I still did not  journal a very special blessing from a year ago and decided to do that right here – at the start of 2011. It was one of those experiences that you store away in your heart ~ and treasure. You will remember we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Barb invited us for dinner/supper to their home. She told us that it would just be the two of us and them. (She’s good at surprises~like my 60th birthday party also of last year.) When we arrived, we were escorted to this special little area – arranged just for us.


    (There last name is Patches!) :) She hung some sheets in the basement giving us a private little corner. There was music playing in the background and a lovely appetizer waiting for us to start this special anniversary meal!







    Barb enjoys adding the extra touches. Her table beckoned you to sit down and enjoy! And we did!





    The Patches family ate their meal upstairs after we were served. The boys would help bring our meal to this little haven.  Barb told me later they were enjoying this! Darin would often peek in on us! :)    He is taking his Grandpa’s plate back upstairs.





    This was so very, very tasty. On the spot, right now, I could enjoy this again! The potatoes are called Twice Baked Potatoes. I only made them once as I feel like they take a lot of time – but I just really like them. Jere was grilling the chicken – a Bar-B-Q recipe we thoroughly enjoy. So it was all extra special to us. I felt so loved! 





    Seth is taking his turn to remove some plates!




    I don’t remember what Barb was explaining here…..maybe how she came into our home and found this picture (when we weren’t home!) Matthew was also helping to serve our meal.






    Earlier in the week Barb told me we would be eating downstairs. She gave us the choice to have our dessert there also or offered us to join them upstairs! You know what we chose! Barb ordered a white/raspberry swirl cake. (I am making myself so hungry talking about all this yummy food!!) She wanted a picture before it was served.







    This is the grilling chef and Nevin discussing their cameras.



    I need to explain to you the next picture before I show it to you. Some of you have helped to make perpetual calendars. For those of you who have not I will show you more pictures of the calendar pages at my next journaling. I have helped to make several and didn’t realize that I apparently voiced my thoughts about this so much! I would have loved to have a calendar but didn’t ever, ever expect to receive one. We make them for various reasons – the elderly, someone who has a long term illness, birthdays, etc. The ones I helped with were usually birthdays – but for older people.  After the dishes were cleared from the table, we went downstairs and visited with the family. When we were about ready to leave,  Barb said, “Just a minute; don’t leave yet.” She brought a box downstairs and asked me to open it. I just could not, could not believe my eyes!


    Barb caught my surprise – this just about brought me to tears! Like I said before, I just never thought I would have this privilege to enjoy our personal calendar!





    We sat there and looked throughout the entire calendar….not taking time to read all them but to see each page and who had time to bless us!!


    For you who are not familiar with this – this is what it looks like. This page was made by our niece. Barb came to our home while we were away and took our address book. She then mailed an invitation to names she found in that book ~ asking if they would help make a calendar page for us. It’s quite a job to organize all this, to laminate each page when they are returned, and to assemble it.

    Each morning I turn the page to that day’s date, read it, and am blessed by the love of that person. I know how time consuming they are to prepare and I just appreciate each page, each person, so much.

    I thought some of you may enjoy seeing what different people put together for us. Some are very inspiring, some filled with fun, others very artistic, encouraging, sharing memories, etc. It was hard for me to choose which ones to show you as I just appreciate each person’s page! So I decided to choose variety for you…..



    ~a neighbor…they have recently moved so this page is extra special to me.




    ~a sister-in-law…our son and his family were in Morocco. When we visited them it was decided we would have a camel ride. I was a bit apprehensive about this. I must have expressed that to my sister-in-law!




    ~a school friend…..from grade school to graduation and I appreciate her friendship still today!


    I’ll show you some of the others next time. ~Blessings to you and your  loved ones.

November 27, 2010

  • We are wishing you a meaningful and a blessed Christmas, dear friends!


    Last Sunday we sang this song for the first time in our worship service. If it is the first time for you, try it….out loud. I caught myself humming it again and again. It is to the tune of ~How Great Thou Art……..

    “When Christ was born in  Bethl’hem’s lowly manger,

    When angel hosts brought tidings from on high,

    The Shepherds gazed in fear and awesome wonder,

    While songs of joy were wafted from the sky.

    Chorus: Go tell the new, the blessed Gospel news,

    A Saviour lives, a King is born,

    Go tell the news, the blessed Gospel news,

    O praise His name, a King is born.

    (I will run the remaining stanzas right after one another)……

    The heavens rang with tidings of great wonder, A King is born, a gift to fallen man, Go search for Him, you’ll find Him in  a manger, Go tell the world of God’s salvation plan. ~Chorus

    Then shepherds came and bowed in humble worship, While angel hosts were hovering very near, The world slept on–but in a lowly stable, Hope overcame and love cast out all fear. ~Chorus”

    Did you sing it?? :)




    Thanks to I am back again! She came to my resuce!  She was a huge blessing to us as I was having big problems getting my pictures on here. She walked us through it, step by step! Thank You Doris Jean!!

    See you all after Christmas!

    ~Blessings, Cordy





September 19, 2010

  • “Many hands make work light!”

    A few of you said you enjoy seeing people from “back home” on my posts. So this is especially for Joanne, Theda,  and Gloria!


     Darlene was buzzing around cleaning several Sunday School rooms. It’s a joy to have her help teach in my classroom! She just radiates; she’s a neat testimony of allowing Christ’s love to shine through her. 





    Okay Erma, get down on those knees to get those black spots off the floor! (That’s what the spray is for in her hand.) Sorry Shawn!




    Lowell and Charles teach this classroom of 12 and 13 year old boys.  Titus was really watching his Daddy at work until he spied my camera.





     Arlene and John had just cleaned the S.S. room with the window right behind her. She can enjoy the courtyard view while teaching the four and five year old boys and girls.




     This is a small room but a pretty big job. It’s our tape and CD library. Charlene was cleaning this by herself – but – if you would have been there to clean with her, the entire time would have been fun!!




     It takes awhile to clean the sanctuary so we need many hands in here. The benches get dusted, someone sweeps them, and then furniture polish is used. You’ll remember Sara – we stopped around 12:30 and she took me for a yummy birthday lunch. My friend Marian, is in the background.




    Janice is wiping the racks where the song books are placed. She has a job that isn’t hard but does take awhile and is tiring on the knees! The rack is right behind her.  





    Julia and some of her family helping to clean this S.S. room.  We had fun times with Julia while she was growing up as she and our children spent time together. 




      My other S.S. teacher is Louie. She and her family provided all these delicious items for us. It was so special to come here and be treated to their gift of love.

    I didn’t ask Marv if this was snack time or lunch time for him! He deserved BOTH! Marv is one of our ministers and also our elder. He wouldn’t need to be here. We do not ask our ministers to come today as they give of themselves in other ways. But for years he has been cleaning the ceiling lights in all the hallways – upstairs and downstairs. A job where you are always working “over your head.” It’s not a desirable job as you have to drop a cover to clean the lights underneath that. We really appreciate him and his wife, Sue. 




    As I tiptoed behind Martha to get this picture, she saw me at the last minute and said, ”People will think all I did was eat!” happy 

    She and her sister still teach the kindergarten class and are super at what they do! They’ve been teaching a  l-o-n-g time!




    This is a huge job and I missed many of the people who were part of this kitchen housecleaning!  Joanne and Rachel are just about finished. Thank you ladies! 




     One of my very favorite uncles! (Kathy, I told you I have a good picture of your Dad!) :) You ladies have seen him other times on my posts. It really, really blessed me to see men helping today. There were some jobs that we really needed the men to tackle  them – other jobs they just did because this project is large – and – many hands make work light! Love you, Harold.




     This is our committee that worked hard to organize and make this day come together! Erma (second from left; the one who was trying to wipe the black mark with her shoe winky ) brought a special lunch for these ladies!





     Break time for Autumn and Jayna. Their parents were at church early with their little sweethearts working in some of the entrances… walls, doors, steps, etc.






    My cousin Darlene, again, and Emily. It was so special to be cleaning and someone would stop by your room and chat a little! 




    My best friend cleaning this floor – the final part of each room was buffing.  (This room does not have white spots all over the walls! I don’t understand why that happened with my camera; it didn’t for any other picture.)




     Jim always has a helping hand and heart for various needs.




     Bob did all the outside windows today – a very long and tiring job – dragging a heavy ladder from window to window. He worked so hard.




    A completed room!!




    I came back to church after Sara and I had lunch together and spent some time at that antique shop I showed you in the last post. For the last three or four years when I enter my S.S. room there is a gift bag for me! It always takes me by surprise when I walk inside because I truly forget that this dear friend does this. My birthday is always near our church housecleaning day and she has something thoughtful for me. How special is that on cleaning day!!




    Here’s the dear friend; yes, the ”get the black marks off” friend! silly She has a servant’s heart.  In the last post we were celebrating her 60th birthday. 





     My classroom isn’t large but it takes awhile to finish everything. Louie (who made our food items) said she will try to have one of her sons help me. I told her that really wasn’t necessary; I will be fine. Soon after I was in my room, Sam came to help me. HE WAS SUCH A BLESSING!! He quietly went about his work….finishing one job and asking what to do next. Erma came in at one point to show me pictures – and he just kept right at his work the entire time we looked/talked about her memories she gathered through pictures. I was so impressed.




     We had about 17 chairs to take to the hall. It’s much nicer to sweep and then buff the floor with the chairs removed.





    Sam wiped all the chairs for me! I would have liked to hug him after we finished the room but he’s 14 - at that age I didn’t know if he would appreciate it!!


    We have approximately 30 Sunday School classrooms and it takes many, many hands to do this job. There are many people I missed who were working here today. I would have enjoyed being a roving photographer! happy 

    What a blessing to have a church family who are willing to work together. Yes, we do have people who never help. I’m just so grateful for those who do.

      “I’m So Glad I’m a Part of The Family of God……………..You will notice we say brother and sister ’round here, it’s because we’re a family and these folks are so dear……..!”